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Guidance of tendering process, project Traverse Dieren, province of Gelderland

Dieren, in the municipality of Rheden, suffers from traffic problems. Especially the provincial road N348 is busy during peak hours in the morning and evening. The project 'Traverse Dieren' must provide a solution for this. Also, it has to cater for traffic safety, air and noise pollution and the spatial quality in the municipality.

The project 'Traverse Dieren' has a long history. It is a provincial project involving close cooperation with the municipality. The project is funded by both central government, province and municipality. The province of Gelderland is responsible for the realisation and reconstruction of the road. The municipality focuses on the reconstruction of the station area. At this time, there are a number of possible alternatives for the reconstruction. Important variable is the length of the tunnel. Once the preferred route has been established, then can be started with the preparation of the tendering process.

VINU has been commissioned to prepare, coordinate and implement the tendering and contracting phase. For this VINU has to work on the following products in the period 2011 until 2013: a risk analysis, a procurement strategy, an implementation agreement between the province, ProRail and the municipality of Rheden, tender documents (guidelines, programme requirements, award criteria and decisions) and the contract itself (the basic agreement including annexes).

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